Prof. Doina Precup
Prof. Jackie Chi Kit Cheung
Prof. Joelle Pineau
Prof. Prakash Panangaden
Daniel Tarlow (Google Brain)
Marc G. Bellemare (Google Brain)
Nicolas Le Roux (Google Brain)
Timothy O'Donnell (Linguistics, McGill)
Anne-Marie Hebert
Audrey Durand
I am interested in bandits, learning with few data, and machine learning applications to healthcare.
Interests: Bandits, Transfer Learning, Kernel methods, Healthcare
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Guillaume Rabusseau
I am interested in connections between machine learning and linear/multilinear algebra, and in learning with structured data.
Interests: Tensors, Spectral Methods, Structured Data, Weighted Automata, Predictive State Representations, Learning Theory, Non-linear Models
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Doina Precup
Herke van Hoof
I work toward using prior robotics knowledge to design robot reinforcement learning methods that learn and explore more efficiently.
Interests: Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Optimal Control, Exploration
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Dave Meger
Jessie Huang
I work on reinforcement learning, AI safety
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, AI Safety, Fairness
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Vincent François-Lavet
I'm interested in deep reinforcement learning, particularly in the aspects related to generalization and how it is possible to integrate model-based and model-free learning.
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Doina Precup
Ali Emami
Amy Zhang
I work on deep reinforcement learning
Interests: representation learning, deep reinforcement learning, transfer, planning
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Andre Cianflone
I work on NLP using DL and RL, and representation learning. I am interested in developping AI that learns language by environment interaction.
Interests: Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung
Clara Lacroce
Supervisor(s): Prakash Panangaden, Doina Precup
Di Wu
Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications for Smart Grid.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Benoit Boulet
Edward Newell
Emmanuel Bengio
I'm interested in fundamental aspects of Deep Learning, as well as "RL-Deep", and currently working on unsupervised learning in RL domains.
Interests: Deep Learning, RL
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Doina Precup
Eric Crawford
I'm interested in deep reinforcement and imitation learning, especially the problem of transferring knowledge and skills between tasks.
Interests: Deep learning, reinforcement learning, imitation learning, transfer learning
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Faizy Ahsan
I am interested in developing advanced machine learning techniques for biological sequence analysis and gene regulatory networks
Interests: Genetics, Deep Learning, Graphical Models
Supervisor(s): Mathieu Blanchette, Doina Precup
Florence Clerc
I am interested in the very theoretical aspects of CS. Category theory allows us to think of CS in terms of the structures and to work in the mathematical world.
Interests: Category theory, Probabilities, Markov Processes, Quantitative Equational Logic
Supervisor(s): Prakash Panangaden
Gautam Bhattacharya
I am exploring strategies for model-based deep RL in atari games
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Speech Processing, NLP
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, James Clark
Harsh Satija
Interests: Reinforcement learning, Generative models
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Jad Kabbara
My research focus is on computational pragmatics and natural language generation. I am particularly interested in the application of deep learning to these problem domains.
Interests: Natural Language Generation, Computational Pragmatics, Deep Learning
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung
Jean Harb
I'm interested in exploration and temporal abstraction in deep RL.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Joshua Romoff
I’m interested in Deep RL, with a focus on Multi-task learning.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Multi-task Learning, Transfer Learning
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Khimya Khetarpal
I am broadly interested in understanding the latent space during the life-time of an agent in the perceptual domain. Currently my work focuses on designing reinforcement algorithms which are more interpretable in context of their behavior.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Visual Saliency, Temporal Abstraction, AI Safety, Intrinsic Motivation
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Kushal Arora
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Manifold Learning, Compositionality and Representation learning for languages, NLP
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Jackie Cheung
Lianna Hambardzumyan
Interests: Analysis of Boolean functions, Computational Complexity, Combinatorics
Supervisor(s): Prakash Panangaden, Hamed Hatami
Malik H. Altakrori
I am working on Text Mining and Authorship Analysis. My interest is in using Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning techniques to enhance authorship attribution.
Interests: Authorship Analysis, Text Mining, Machine Learning, NLP, and Deep Learning
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung, Benjamin Fung
Martin Gerdzhev
Working on improving Robot Navigation around people. Currently using Deep Learning and Inverse Reinforcement Learning.
Interests: robotics, autonomous systems and vehicles, machine learning, deep learning, inverse reinforcement learning
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Maziar Gomrokchi
I am interested in adopting intuitions from statistical mechanics to develop exploration policies in Reinforcement Learning. I am also interested in RL Safety and Privacy.
Interests: machine learning, reinforcement learning, Exploration-Exploitation Trade-off , RL Privacy and RL Safety
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Neda Etebari Alamdari
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, probabilistic graphical models, optimization
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Miguel Anjos, Gilles Savard
Neil Girdhar
Causal, energy-based, deep models.
Interests: causal models, deep learning, representation learning, energy-based models
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Paul Trichelair
I am working on Machine Reading Comprehension.
Interests: Machine learning, NLP, QA, dialogue system
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung
Pierre-Luc Bacon
Temporal Abstraction in Reinforcement Learning
Interests: Reinforcement Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Prasanna Parthasarathi
I am interested in goal oriented conversational agents.
Interests: Deep Learning, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Dialogue Systems
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Doina Precup
Riashat Islam
I am interested in Deep Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Control and on Temporal Abstraction in RL
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Ryan Lowe
I use neural networks to build conversational agents. I've particularly investigated datasets for building dialogue systems, and how we should evaluate them.
Interests: machine learning, reinforcement learning, deep learning, dialogue systems
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Sitao Luan
I'm working on solving RL problem with matrix computation methods.
Interests: Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning, Representation Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Xiao-Wen Chang
Yue Dong
I am working on multi-document summarization.
Interests: machine learning, NLP, deep learning
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung
Anand Kamat
Interests: Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Arushi Jain
I am interested in safety related issues in hierarchical reinforcement learning.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Temporal abstractions, AI Safety
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Ayush Jain
I'm interested in hierarchial RL. Currently I'm working on eligibility traces for temporaly extended actions
Interests: reinforcement learning, option framework
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Charles C Onu
I am interested in the application of machine learning and reinforcement learning to healthcare problems. Particularly, in dealing with time-series, physiologic data.
Interests: machine learning, reinforcement learning, time-series classification
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Christopher Glasz
I am currently working on journalist recommendation using unsupervised feature learning.
Interests: machine learning, NLP, deep learning
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Ethan Macdonald
Hierarchical RL; deep reinforcement learning; in the winter I'll be kicking off my M.Sc. as an intern at AWS Machine Learning
Interests: reinforcement learning, deep learning, options, healthcare, computational social science
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Genevieve Fried
Interests: Reinforcement learning, ethics, AI safety
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Hossein Aboutalebi
We are trying to modify the current TPSR methods exist for Spectral Learning.
Interests: Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Yang Cai
Howard Huang
Kian Kenyon-Dean
I use techniques from machine learning to solve problems in the field of computational linguistics. I am currently examining the problem of deep representation learning.
Interests: NLP, machine learning, deep learning, representation learning
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung, Doina Precup
Koustuv Sinha
I work on generative dialog agents using RL, and also hierarchical topic classifications in NLP. I am also interested in tackling the issue of Ethics in dialog / translation systems.
Interests: Generative language models, Reinforcement Learning, language representation
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Derek Ruths
Krtin Kumar
I am working on sentence fusion using seq2seq models
Interests: NLP, Machine Learning
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung
Lucas Pagé-Caccia
Working on generative models for sensor data
Interests: Deep Generative Models
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Martin Klissarov
I am working on temporal abstractions in Deep Reinforcement Learning. I am trying to bridge the gap between spectral graph theory and reinforcement learning.
Interests: Options, Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning, Spectral Graph Theory, Unsupervised Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Matthew Smith
Temporal abstraction in reinforcement learning.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Inverse Reinforcement Learning, Options, Time Series
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Michael Noseworthy
I work on dialogue agents in large unstructured domains. I have focused on how to evaluate and train these models.
Interests: Dialogue Systems, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Nicolas Angelard-Gontier
Machine Learning Algorithms to build general dialog agents.
Interests: machine learning, reinforcement learning, dialogue systems
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Nicolas Gagné
Learning and Entropy
Interests: Entropy, Complexity, Causality.
Supervisor(s): Prakash Panangaden
Nishanth V A
I work on Reinforcement Learning
Interests: Reinforcement Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Peter Henderson
I work on deep reinforcement learning, dialogue systems, and try to tackle challenges in AI Ethics and reproducibility as well.
Interests: Reinforcement learning, deep learning, neuroscience, dialogue systems, reproducibility, ethics
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, David Meger
Philip Amortila
Geometric Insights into Machine Learning and Optimization
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Probability Metrics
Supervisor(s): Prakash Panangaden, Doina Precup
Pierre Thodoroff
I'm currently working on automation of seizure detection using Deep Learning.
Interests: Probabilistic graphical model, Causality, Reinforcement Learning, Transfer Leanring, Healthcare
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Sanjay Thakur
Sample Efficient Learning
Interests: Meta Learning, Imitation Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Srinivas Venkattaramanujam
Interests: Reinforcement Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Sumana Basu
Multiple sclerosis detection from brain MRI images
Interests: machine learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Tianyu Li
I'm trying to incorporate nonlinearity into WFA
Interests: machine learning, reinforcement learning, time series, system dynamics
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Vincent Antaki
I experiment mostly with conditional computing and deep reinforcement learning.
Interests: Reinforcement learning, Multitask and transfer learning, deep architectures. Game AIs.
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Vishal Jain
I work on Deep Reinforcement Learning
Interests: Deep Reinforcement Learning, Vision, NLP
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Marc G Bellemare
Zafarali Ahmed
Interests: deep learning, reinforcement learning, NLP, applications in genetics and healthcare
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Simon Gravel
Andrei Lupu
I am currently studying bandits on a graph, where agents can immitate neighbours' actions to improve their rate of learning.
Interests: Reinforcement learning, Bandit problems, Bandits on graphs
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Clare Lyle
Interests: machine learning, automata theory
Supervisor(s): Prakash Panangaden
Gabriel Cemaj
I'm interested in Natural Language Generation and am currently working in combining more traditional NLP tecniques with Deep Learning to improve our language generation skills.
Interests: nlp,machine learning,amr
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung
Johannes Brustle
NameDegreeLast Known Whereabouts
Negar GhourchianPh.D. 2017Research Scientist at
Boyu WangPh.D. 2016Postdoc at Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Laurent CharlinPostdoc 2015-2016Assistant Professor of statistics at HEC Montréal
Lucas LehnertM.Sc. 2016Ph.D. student at Brown University
Bénédicte Leonard-CannonM.Sc. 2016Software Engineer at Microsoft
Gheorghe ComaniciPh.D. 2016Software Engineer at Google Montreal
Borja BallePostdoc 2013-2015Lecturer at Lancaster University
Philip BachmanPh.D. 2015Researcher at Maluuba, Montreal
Melanie Lyman-AbramovitchM.Sc. 2015
Andrew SutcliffeM.Sc. 2015
Gabriel ForguesM.Sc. 2015Software Engineer at Facebook Seattle
Angus LeighM.Sc. 2015Software Engineer at Google X
Nastaran JafarpourPh.D. 2014Data Scientist at Via Science, Montreal
Jinxu JiaM.Sc. 2014Software Engineer at Microsoft Seattle
Hiu Kim YuenM.Sc. 2014Software Engineer at LoopPulse, Hong Kong
Yuri GrinbergPh.D. 2014National Research Council Canada
Clement GehringM.Sc. 2014Ph.D. student at MIT
Robert D. VincentPh.D. 2014 Teacher at Vanier College
Hang MaM.Sc. 2014Ph.D. student at University of Southern California
Mahdi Milani FardPh.D. 2014Software Engineer at Google Mountain View
Ouais AlsharifM.Sc. 2014Software Engineer at Google Mountain View
Will HamiltonM.Sc. 2014Ph.D. student at Stanford University
Amir-massoud FarahmandPostdoc 2013Machine Learning Researcher at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Beomjoon KimM.Sc. 2013Ph.D. student at MIT
Andre M.S. BarretoPostdoc 2011-2013Research Scientist at Google Deepmind
Athena K. MoghaddamM.Sc. 2013Software Engineer at Facebook Menlo Park
Sylvie C.W. OngPostdoc 2012-2013Software Engineer at Nuance Communications Montreal
Guillaume Saulnier ComteM.Sc. 2013Software Engineer at Google Seattle
Danesh GhafoorzadehnobarM.Sc. 2013Software Engineer at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington
Cosmin PaduraruPh.D. 2013Postdoctoral fellow in COSMO Lab
Gheorghita Catalin BordianuM.Sc. 2012Software Engineer at 500px
Jordan FrankPh.D. 2012Software Engineer at Facebook Seattle
Pablo Samuel CastroPh.D. 2011Software Engineer at Google Montreal
Amin AtrashPh.D. 2011Postdoc at the School of Computer Science at USC
Shaowei PngM.Sc. 2011Software Engineer in Google Seattle/Kirkland
Susan ShortreedPostdoc 2009-2011Assistant Scientific Investigator at Group Health Research Institute
Keith BushPostdoc 2008-2010Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Julien VillemureM.Sc. 2010
Arthur GuezM.Sc. 2010Research Scientist at Google DeepMind
Ryan FaulknerM.Sc. 2010Research Scientist at Google DeepMind
Robert KaplowM.Sc. 2010Software Engineer at Google Montreal
Robert WestM.Sc. 2010Ph.D. student, Stanford University
Monica DinculescuM.Sc. 2010Software Engineer at Google Mountain View
Stéphane RossM.Sc. 2008Software Engineer at Google X
Masoumeh IzadiPh.D. 2007R&D manager in sport analytics at Broadcast Solutions in Singapore
Marc BellemareM.Sc. 2007Research Scientist at Google DeepMind
Bohdana RatitchPh.D. 2005Scientific Advisor at Quintiles
Danielle AzarPh.D. 2004Lebanese American University
Martin StolleM.Sc. 2003Software Engineer at Google Zurich
Francois RivestM.Sc. 2002Assistant Professor at the Royal Military College of Canada