Prof. Doina Precup
Prof. Jackie Chi Kit Cheung
Prof. Joelle Pineau
Prof. Prakash Panangaden
Prof. Reihaneh Rabbany
Prof. William L. Hamilton
Prof. Siamak Ravanbakhsh
Prof. Siva Reddy
Daniel Tarlow (Google Brain)
Marc G. Bellemare (Google Brain)
Nicolas Le Roux (Google Brain)
Timothy O'Donnell (Linguistics, McGill)
Di Wu
Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications for Smart Grid.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Jessie Huang
I work on reinforcement learning, AI safety
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, AI Safety, Fairness
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Samira Ebrahimi Kahou
I work on visual reasoning, multimodal learning, metalearning and deep RL.
Interests: Deep learning, Multimodal learning, Reasoning, RL, Metalearning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Susan Amin
I employ the concepts in statistical physics, in particular polymer physics, in order to develop efficient exploration and learning algorithms in reinforcement learning.
Interests: reinforcement learning, exploration, statistical physics, polymer physics
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Vincent François-Lavet
I'm interested in deep reinforcement learning, particularly in the aspects related to generalization and how it is possible to integrate model-based and model-free learning.
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Doina Precup
Aishik Chakraborty
I am interested in building meaningful models in NLP that can be used in a wide range of tasks using transfer learning techniques
Interests: Deep Learning, Multitask and Transfer Learning, NLP
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung
Ali Emami
Amy Zhang
I work on deep reinforcement learning
Interests: representation learning, deep reinforcement learning, transfer, planning
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Andre Cianflone
I work on multi-agent communication (emergent communication)
Interests: Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung
Arushi Jain
I am interested in model-based risk-minimization related to both primitive and hierarchical RL along with special interest in Stochastic Approximations..
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Temporal abstractions, AI Safety, Risk-minimization, Stochastic Approximation
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Bogdan Mazoure
Density models in deep RL for representation learning
Interests: Deep RL, representation learning, probabilistic modeling, variational inference
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Devon Hjelm
Charles C Onu
I apply machine learning to analyse human physiological signals such as speech and cardiorespiratory activity.
Interests: machine learning, healthcare
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Clara Lacroce
I am currently exploring the theoretical connections between Weighted Automata and RNN
Interests: Learning Automata, RNN, Hankel Operators
Supervisor(s): Prakash Panangaden, Doina Precup
Del Verme Manuel
Interests: TBD
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Pierre-Luc Bacon
Edward Newell
Emmanuel Bengio
I'm interested in fundamental aspects of Deep Learning, as well as "RL-Deep", and currently working on understanding learning dynamics in deep RL.
Interests: Deep Learning, RL
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Doina Precup
Eric Crawford
I'm interested in deep reinforcement and imitation learning, especially the problem of transferring knowledge and skills between tasks.
Interests: Deep learning, reinforcement learning, imitation learning, transfer learning
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Faizy Ahsan
I am interested in developing advanced machine learning techniques for biological sequence analysis and gene regulatory networks
Interests: Genetics, Deep Learning, Graphical Models
Supervisor(s): Mathieu Blanchette, Doina Precup
Florence Clerc
I am interested in the very theoretical aspects of CS. Category theory allows us to think of CS in terms of the structures and to work in the mathematical world.
Interests: Category theory, Probabilities, Markov Processes, Quantitative Equational Logic
Supervisor(s): Prakash Panangaden
Haque Ishfaq
I am interested in bandits and reinforcement learning with provable guarantees.
Interests: Reinforcement learning, Bandits, Statistical Learning Theory
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Harsh Satija
Interests: Reinforcement learning, Exploration
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Howard Huang
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Ian Porada
Common sense and language
Interests: Representation Learning, Natural Lanugage Understanding
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung
Jad Kabbara
My research focus is on computational pragmatics and natural language generation. I am particularly interested in the application of deep learning to these problem domains.
Interests: Natural Language Generation, Computational Pragmatics, Deep Learning
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung
Jean Harb
I'm interested in exploration and temporal abstraction in deep RL.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Joey Bose
I'm interested in Generative Modelling of structured data such as graphs and language. I'm also interested in Meta-Learning and Causality in these domains. In the past I've worked on Adversarial Machine Learning such as GAN's and adversarial attacks.
Interests: Generative Modelling, Adversarial Machine Learning, and Meta Learning at the intersection of structured data such as language, graphs and images.
Supervisor(s): Will Hamilton
Jonathan Lebensold
I am currently interested in privacy-preserving algorithms, reinforcement Learning and transfer Learning.
Interests: Privacy-preserving algorithms, reinforcement learning, differential privacy, federated learning, transfer learning, healthcare
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Borja Balle
Joshua Romoff
I’m interested in model free deep RL
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Khimya Khetarpal
I am broadly interested in understanding the latent space during the life-time of an agent in the perceptual domain. Currently my work focuses on designing reinforcement algorithms which are more interpretable in context of their behavior.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Visual Saliency, Temporal Abstraction, AI Safety, Intrinsic Motivation
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Koustuv Sinha
I work on reasoning for language understanding and language generation (dialog systems)
Interests: deep learning, reasoning, NLP, dialog, reinforcement learning, graph representations
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Will Hamilton
Kushal Arora
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Manifold Learning, Compositionality and Representation learning for languages, NLP
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Jackie Cheung
Lianna Hambardzumyan
Interests: Analysis of Boolean functions, Computational Complexity, Combinatorics
Supervisor(s): Prakash Panangaden, Hamed Hatami
Malik H. Altakrori
I am working on Text Mining and Authorship Analysis. My interest is in using Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning techniques to enhance authorship attribution.
Interests: Authorship Analysis, Text Mining, Machine Learning, NLP, and Deep Learning
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung, Benjamin Fung
Mandana Samiei
Reinforcement learning in the context of human developmental learning, computational neuroscience and psychology
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Meta-learning, Developmental learning, Neuroscience
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Blake Richards
Martin Gerdzhev
Working on improving Robot Navigation around people. Currently using Deep Learning and Inverse Reinforcement Learning.
Interests: robotics, autonomous systems and vehicles, machine learning, deep learning, inverse reinforcement learning
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Maxime Wabartha
Using uncertainty to drive exploration in reinforcement learning
Interests: deep learning, reinforcement learning, uncertainty
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Maziar Gomrokchi
I am interested in Privacy-Preserving Reinforcement Learning. I am also interested in adopting intuitions from statistical mechanics to develop exploration policies in Reinforcement Learning.
Interests: machine learning, reinforcement learning, Exploration-Exploitation Trade-off , RL Privacy and RL Safety
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Melissa Mozifian
I work on deep reinforcement learning
Interests: deep reinforcement learning, transfer and meta-learning, imitation learning
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, David Meger
Neda Etebari Alamdari
Currently, my work focuses on integrating optimization methods in reinforcement learning to reduce computational costs and gain more robust models in industrial scale.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Optimization, Revenue Management
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Gilles Savard
Neil Girdhar
Causal, energy-based, deep models.
Interests: causal models, deep learning, representation learning, energy-based models
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Nicolas Angelard-Gontier
Natural language reasoning and generation
Interests: question answering, language understanding, generative systems
Supervisor(s): Christopher Pal, Joelle Pineau
Nishanth Anand
I work on temporal aspects in Reinforcement Learning. Specifically, I am interested in solving temporal credit assignment in reinforcement learning.
Interests: Temporal credit assignment, Reinforcement Learning Theory, Deep Reinforcement Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Prasanna Parthasarathi
I am interested in goal oriented conversational agents.
Interests: Deep Learning, NLP, Reinforcement Learning, Dialogue Systems
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Doina Precup
Priyesh Vijayan
I'm interested in representation learning and reasoning tasks for graph structured data.
Interests: Representation learning, Deep learning, Multi-View learning, Social Networks and NLP
Supervisor(s): Will Hamilton
Raymond Chua
Neuroscience-inspired reinforcement learning systems
Interests: neuroscience, reinforcement learning, continual learning, replay
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Blake Richards
Riashat Islam
I'm interested in policy optimization and efficient learning in deep RL
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Sample Complexity, Optimization Methods; Bayesian and Probabilistic Graphical Models, Information Theory
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Ryan Lowe
I use neural networks to build conversational agents. I've particularly investigated datasets for building dialogue systems, and how we should evaluate them.
Interests: machine learning, reinforcement learning, deep learning, dialogue systems
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Samin Yeasar Arnob
I work on deep reinforcement learning
Interests: Deep Reinforcement learning, Imitation Learning, Inverse reinforcement learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Scott Fujimoto
Deep reinforcement learning for continuous control.
Interests: Deep reinforcement learning, robotics
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, David Meger
Sitao Luan
I focus mainly on reinforcement learning and some surrounding problems
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Graph Networks, Conciousness Planning, Matrix Computation
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Xiao-Wen Chang
Sumana Basu
Reinforcement Learning for Healthcare. Intersted in off-policy batch RL setup.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Adriana Romero
Tianyu Li
I'm trying to incorporate nonlinearity into WFA
Interests: machine learning, reinforcement learning, time series, system dynamics
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Veronica Chelu
Predictive knowledge, temporal abstraction and models in RL
Interests: reinforcement learning, lifelong learning, predictive models
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Wesley Chung
Optimization in reinforcement learning, continual learning
Interests: reinforcement learning, optimization, continual learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, David Meger
Yue Dong
I work on summarization and text simplification with deep learning and reinforcement learning techniques
Interests: NLP, deep learning, reinforcement learning
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung
Albert Orozco Camacho
Propagation of information across social networks, in order to better understand how (malicious, perhaps) actors behave in the digital world.
Interests: Network Science, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Game Theoretic RL, Graph Representation Learning, Applications of RL, AI Theory
Supervisor(s): Reihaneh Rabbany
Anand Kamat
Interests: Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Anthony G.X. Chen
Reinforcement learning in artificial agents and in the biological brain.
Interests: reinforcement learning, neuroscience, deep reinforcement learning, generalization, transfer
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Blake Richards
Ariella Smofsky
I work on the theoretical understanding of learning tasks involving sequential data.
Interests: Learning Automata, weighted automata
Supervisor(s): Prakash Panangaden
Barleen Kaur
I'm interested in the application of deep learning, transfer learning, generative models in medical imaging domain.
Interests: Machine learning, deep learning, transfer learning, generative models
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Tal Arbel
Clément Jumel
Development of a dataset and a model to perform the aggregation of entities in automatic summarization
Interests: NLP, natural language reasoning
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung, Annie Louis
Deepak Sharma
Machine Learning applications (causal inference) to healthcare
Interests: causal inference, large-scale probabilistic inference, generative models, reinforcement learning, applications to healthcare and finance
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Audrey Durand
Dora Jambor
Working at the intersection of graph representation learning and meta-learning, with a current focus on few-shot link prediction.
Interests: graph representation learning, meta-learning, logical rule induction, natural language processing
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, William Hamilton
Etienne Denis
I am currently interested in using language transformers and inductive graphical models to perform commonsense inference.
Interests: Inductive learning, graph representation learning, relational inference, neural knowledge graphs, language transformers , graph neural networks
Supervisor(s): William Hamilton
Gandharv Patil
Stochastic Approximation and Probabilistic Inference in Reinforcement Learning
Interests: Bayesian Inference, Optimization and Statistical Learning Theory
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Jeremy Cooperstock
Harry Mingde Zhao
I investigate reinforcement learning as well as meta-learning.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Meta-Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, XIao-Wen Chang
Jiapeng Wu
My current research focus are: integrating knowledge graph information into natural language reasoning task & dynamic construction of knowledge graph from text
Interests: natural languag reasoning, knowledge graph representation
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung, William Hamilton
Jin Dong
Interests: NLP, natural language reasoning, graph networks
Supervisor(s): Will Hamilton
Joshua Holla
I am interested in Robotic Control and Multi Modal Sensing.
Interests: Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, Knowledge Transfer
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, David Meger
Jules Gagnon-Marchand
Interests: nlp, unsupervised learning, generative models, transfer learning, transformer model improvements, abstractive question answering
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung
Junhao Wang
Graph representation learning for anomaly detection, model based RL
Interests: Deep sets, intersection between RL and graph representation learning
Supervisor(s): Reihaney Rabbany, Doina Precup
Lucas Pagé-Caccia
Working on generative models for sensor data
Interests: Deep Generative Models
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
Martin Klissarov
I am working on temporal abstractions in Deep Reinforcement Learning. I am trying to bridge the gap between spectral graph theory and reinforcement learning.
Interests: Options, Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning, Spectral Graph Theory, Unsupervised Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Matt Grenander
I am working on text summarization in NLP
Interests: automatic summarization, NLP
Supervisor(s): Jackie Cheung, Annie Louis
Mohammad Amini
i work on Deep Reinforcement Learning and model based Reinforcement Learning.
Interests: DRL, Model Based RL, planning, imitation learning, representation learning, transfer learning, hierarchical learning, Model Ensembles
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Nadeem Ward
I currently working on better understanding policy gradient methods in Reinforcement Learning
Interests: Reinforcement learning, learning representations, optimization
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Nicolas Gagné
Learning and Entropy
Interests: Entropy, Complexity, Causality.
Supervisor(s): Prakash Panangaden
Raviteja Chunduru
I work on reinforcement learning
Interests: Hierarchical RL, representation learning, causal inference, graph representations
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Shenyang(Andy) Huang
Anomaly Detection in Temporal graph / Continual Learning
Interests: Anamoly Detection in Temporal graph, Tensor Decomposition, Continual Learning / Lifelong Learning, Neural Architecture Search / AutoML, Deep Learning
Supervisor(s): Reihaneh Rabbany, Guillaume Rabusseau
Shishir Sharma
I work on Model based RL, specifically efficient ways of modeling transition and reward distributions
Interests: Reinforcement Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Srinivas Venkattaramanujam
Exploration, goal-conditioned/multi-goal RL
Interests: Reinforcement Learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Vincent Luczkow
Interests: reinforcement learning, causality
Supervisor(s): Prakash Panangaden, Doina Precup
Vishal Jain
I am working to create Deep RL agent to play text-based games
Interests: Deep Reinforcement Learning, NLP
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup, Marc G Bellemare
Ximeng Mao
I am working on deeping learning in Medical Physics
Interests: deep learning, generative model, reinforcement leanring
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau, Shirin A. Enger
Zilun Peng
stochastic variance reduction methods for policy evaluation
Interests: reinforcement learning
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Andrei Lupu
I am currently interested in bandits and multi-agent reinforcement learning.
Interests: Reinforcement learning, Multi-agent RL, Bandits
Supervisor(s): Doina Precup
Johannes Brustle
Ruo Yu Tao
I work on exploration in Model-based RL.
Interests: reinforcement learning
Supervisor(s): Joelle Pineau
NameDegreeLast Known Whereabouts
Pierre-Luc BaconPh.D. 2018Assistant Professor at University of Montreal
Audrey DurandPostdoc. 2018- 2019Assistant Professor at University of Laval
Guillaume RabusseauPostdoc. 2016- 2018Assistant Professor at University of Montreal
Herke Van HoofPostdoc. 2016- 2018Assistant Professor at University of Amsterdam
Negar GhourchianPh.D. 2017Research Scientist at
Boyu WangPh.D. 2016Postdoc at Princeton Neuroscience Institute
Laurent CharlinPostdoc 2015-2016Assistant Professor of statistics at HEC Montréal
Lucas LehnertM.Sc. 2016Ph.D. student at Brown University
Bénédicte Leonard-CannonM.Sc. 2016Software Engineer at Microsoft
Gheorghe ComaniciPh.D. 2016Software Engineer at Google Montreal
Borja BallePostdoc 2013-2015Lecturer at Lancaster University
Philip BachmanPh.D. 2015Researcher at Maluuba, Montreal
Melanie Lyman-AbramovitchM.Sc. 2015
Andrew SutcliffeM.Sc. 2015
Gabriel ForguesM.Sc. 2015Software Engineer at Facebook Seattle
Angus LeighM.Sc. 2015Software Engineer at Google X
Nastaran JafarpourPh.D. 2014Data Scientist at Via Science, Montreal
Jinxu JiaM.Sc. 2014Software Engineer at Microsoft Seattle
Hiu Kim YuenM.Sc. 2014Software Engineer at LoopPulse, Hong Kong
Yuri GrinbergPh.D. 2014National Research Council Canada
Clement GehringM.Sc. 2014Ph.D. student at MIT
Robert D. VincentPh.D. 2014 Teacher at Vanier College
Hang MaM.Sc. 2014Ph.D. student at University of Southern California
Mahdi Milani FardPh.D. 2014Software Engineer at Google Mountain View
Ouais AlsharifM.Sc. 2014Software Engineer at Google Mountain View
Will HamiltonM.Sc. 2014Ph.D. student at Stanford University
Amir-massoud FarahmandPostdoc 2013Machine Learning Researcher at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Beomjoon KimM.Sc. 2013Ph.D. student at MIT
Andre M.S. BarretoPostdoc 2011-2013Research Scientist at Google Deepmind
Athena K. MoghaddamM.Sc. 2013Software Engineer at Facebook Menlo Park
Sylvie C.W. OngPostdoc 2012-2013Software Engineer at Nuance Communications Montreal
Guillaume Saulnier ComteM.Sc. 2013Software Engineer at Google Seattle
Danesh GhafoorzadehnobarM.Sc. 2013Software Engineer at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington
Cosmin PaduraruPh.D. 2013Postdoctoral fellow in COSMO Lab
Gheorghita Catalin BordianuM.Sc. 2012Software Engineer at 500px
Jordan FrankPh.D. 2012Software Engineer at Facebook Seattle
Pablo Samuel CastroPh.D. 2011Software Engineer at Google Montreal
Amin AtrashPh.D. 2011Postdoc at the School of Computer Science at USC
Shaowei PngM.Sc. 2011Software Engineer in Google Seattle/Kirkland
Susan ShortreedPostdoc 2009-2011Assistant Scientific Investigator at Group Health Research Institute
Keith BushPostdoc 2008-2010Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Julien VillemureM.Sc. 2010
Arthur GuezM.Sc. 2010Research Scientist at Google DeepMind
Ryan FaulknerM.Sc. 2010Research Scientist at Google DeepMind
Robert KaplowM.Sc. 2010Software Engineer at Google Montreal
Robert WestM.Sc. 2010Ph.D. student, Stanford University
Monica DinculescuM.Sc. 2010Software Engineer at Google Mountain View
Stéphane RossM.Sc. 2008Software Engineer at Google X
Masoumeh IzadiPh.D. 2007R&D manager in sport analytics at Broadcast Solutions in Singapore
Marc BellemareM.Sc. 2007Research Scientist at Google DeepMind
Bohdana RatitchPh.D. 2005Scientific Advisor at Quintiles
Danielle AzarPh.D. 2004Lebanese American University
Martin StolleM.Sc. 2003Software Engineer at Google Zurich
Francois RivestM.Sc. 2002Assistant Professor at the Royal Military College of Canada